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Terms and Conditions

MyChart, which can be accessed via the Rush MyChart website and a mobile application, is provided by Rush, Rush Copley, and their affiliates to its patients subject to compliance with the terms and conditions set forth below. Please read the following information carefully.

Rush is a not-for-profit health care, education and research enterprise comprising Rush University Medical Center, Rush University, Rush Oak Park Hospital and Rush Health and its affiliates. Rush Copley is a not-for-profit health system comprised of Copley Memorial Hospital, Rush Copley Medical Group, Fox Valley Cardiovascular Consultants and Rush Copley Family Medicine Residency.

Please note that all physicians featured in MyChart are members of Rush. Some of the physicians who use MyChart are in private practice and, as independent practitioners, are not agents or employees of Rush or Rush Copley.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions in this statement, you acknowledge that you are requesting access to portions of your personal health information and the ability to communicate with your health care providers at Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates concerning your health information via the Internet using an electronic application called MyChart. You hereby expressly authorize Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates to disclose your identifying health information to your designated MyChart account for the purposes described herein. Your continued use of MyChart will indicate your agreement to abide by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, promptly exit MyChart.

I. Privacy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance. Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates will use your confidential health information in order to provide you health care services and for other activities permitted by law. Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates will maintain your confidential health information in strict confidence and will not disclose any information regarding you to any unaffiliated third party unless you authorize that person to receive your information or the information is permitted to be disclosed by law. Please review your notice of Privacy Practices under the Related Topics area below for a thorough description of how Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates gather, uses and protects your confidential health information. All messages sent and received within MyChart that contain health information are subject to all state and federal laws governing the security and confidentiality of health records.

II. MyChart Features

A. Electronic Communications


If your health care provider is out of the office or unavailable, messages sent via MyChart may be routed to another authorized health care provider in order to facilitate a timely response to your request. Your care team will use reasonable efforts to provide a timely response to electronic inquiries. In some cases, the member of the care team who needs to respond to an electronic inquiry or other communication may not be immediately available so you should allow at least two (2) business days for a response.

Accordingly, emergency situations requiring immediate attention should not be submitted electronically.

Please note that Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates are only able to respond to your MyChart communications based on the information you provide and information in our records. If there is insufficient information provided, Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates will be unable to provide accurate and reliable services.

B. Secure Communications

Use of MyChart by Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates occurs over a secure connection. You will receive email communications notifying you that new information is available in your MyChart account. These communications, however, will not contain any confidential health information. All of the confidential health information available to you in MyChart is protected and securely maintained. It is your responsibility to secure any computer or mobile device that you use to access MyChart and to protect your username and password. Notification messages regarding information in MyChart will be sent to your email address. Any person with access to this email account will be able to see these notifications. Although no private health information will be sent, the notification that new information is available in MyChart may be information that you would not want others to know. Please take this into account when providing an email address.

Although MyChart is configured to be secure from unauthorized access, Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates cannot be held responsible for:

  1. Absolute security of all electronic communication transmissions between patient and clinic;
  2. Unauthorized disclosure resulting from a user not logging out of an active session;
  3. Unauthorized disclosure resulting from a lost or stolen username and password;
  4. Unauthorized disclosure resulting from information printed by the user from MyChart;
  5. Unauthorized disclosure resulting from personal computer or mobile device settings, installed software products that may compromise information security, or failure to use up-to-date anti-virus protection software; or
  6. Events outside of or beyond Rush's, Rush Copley's and their affiliates' control.

C. Activation Code

To sign up for MyChart, you will be provided with an activation code. The activation code you receive will give you the opportunity to create a personal username (called “MyChart username”) and a password. Once this activation code has been used, it will no longer be valid. It is extremely important that you keep your username and password completely confidential. Anyone with access to your username and password will be able to access your confidential health information. That person also will be able to read your messages and send new messages as if they were you. It is your responsibility to prevent disclosure of your username and password, and to change your password if you feel that your security has been compromised. You may change your password in MyChart at any time.

D. Proxy Access

Individuals may request or receive proxy access to another individual’s MyChart record by completing and submitting the appropriate proxy form.

For children age 0 to 11, full access will only be granted to individuals with parental rights or legal guardianship over the minor patient and only to the extent that the party requesting proxy access can demonstrate the legal right to the minor patient’s medical information.

For children age 12 to 17, parents and legal guardians of the minor patient may be granted limited access to the patient’s MyChart record.

For adults age 18 and older, full access will be granted with signed consent of the patient. Exceptions include individuals with legal guardianship over a disabled adult patient and individuals with durable power of attorney for health care. Full access will be granted only to the extent that the party requesting proxy access can demonstrate the legal right to the patient’s medical information.


Health information and related content on MyChart are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind and are meant for use only to support a patient’s relationship with their health care providers. Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates assumes no responsibility for how you use the information you obtain from MyChart and your reliance on the material in MyChart is at your own risk. You should consult with a health care provider regarding your own condition and how MyChart information and related content may apply to you. The electronic record is the property of Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates and the information displayed in MyChart is not the complete medical record. Contact your Health Information Office for information on how to obtain a copy of your medical record. Contact your health care provider’s office in regard to discrepancies with the health information listed in your MyChart record.

You may be accessing your own health information via the MyChart application and may wish to communicate with one of your health care providers about that or related information.

If you have an emergency or think you need to speak to someone urgently, please do not use the communication options provided to you by MyChart. Neither MyChart nor any other application available through MyChart is a substitute for appropriate and timely contact with your health care provider. MyChart is not a substitute for consultation with your health care provider. You should never change or stop any course of treatment prescribed by your health care provider without first consulting them.

IV. Termination of Access

Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates may restrict or terminate user access to MyChart at any time. If access is restricted for planned maintenance of the MyChart system, every effort will be made to communicate downtime to all users in advance. However, there may be reasons to restrict access to MyChart without advance notice. If your use of MyChart violates these Terms and Conditions, Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates reserve the right to suspend or permanently terminate your access to MyChart. Improper activities include, but are not limited to, prolonged nonuse of MyChart, the use of inappropriate or abusive language, reserving appointment times that are not needed or are frequently cancelled, and other activities that are deemed to cause a disruption to clinic operations.

V. Restrictions on Use and Ownership

All pages within MyChart and any material made available for download are the property of Rush. MyChart, the word “Rush” and its associated corporate logos are the trademarks and service marks of Rush. All other trademarks, service marks and logos used in MyChart, including but not limited to MyChart and Epic, are the trademarks, service marks or logos of their respective owners. Nothing on MyChart should be construed as granting any license or right to use any trademark, service mark, or logo displayed on MyChart without the express permission of Rush or the third party that may own the trademark, service mark, or logo.

VI. Accuracy and Integrity of Information

Although Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates attempt to ensure the integrity of MyChart, it makes no guarantees whatsoever as to its correctness or accuracy. It is possible that MyChart could include typographical mistakes, inaccuracies or other errors. In the event that an inaccuracy arises, please inform your physician, other health care provider so that it may be corrected. Information contained on MyChart may be changed or updated without notice.

VII. Links to Other Sites

Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates make no representations whatsoever about any other websites or applications that you may access through MyChart or any non-Rush entity that may post its advertisements via MyChart’s related content. When you access a non-Rush site or application, please be advised that it is independent from Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates, and that Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates have no control over the content on that website. Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates do not endorse or accept any responsibility for the content or use of any other linked site. If you decide to access any third party sites linked in MyChart, you do so entirely at your own risk.

VIII. MyChart Video Visits

Video Visits are an easy way for patients to connect with their provider face to face online to address everyday health concerns via MyChart. Patients will receive treatment and have necessary prescriptions sent to their pharmacy through the streaming video visit, if applicable. Video Visits are used in a variety of settings and platforms, including, but not limited to, On Demand Video Visits and Pediatrics Video Visits.

Who Can Engage in Video Visits: There may be age restrictions on respective Video Visits platforms. Users understand and agree that only those patients who meet the age restriction on the utilized platform are permitted to engage in such video visit with a physician, if applicable.

Restrictions: Persons using the MyChart Video Visits understand and agree to the detailed restrictions on the respective Video Visit platforms. Each user, or their guardian, agrees that you must be physically located in the State of Illinois, and acknowledge that you are presently located in the State of Illinois in order to engage in a Video Visit.

There may be restrictions on the types of occurrences or symptoms which may be addressed via Video Visits. Users agree to utilize Video Visits in connection with such listed symptoms on each respective platform, if applicable.

Video Visits must not be used in emergency situations or for symptoms or issues outside of those referenced in the respective Video Visit platform.

Provider/Patient Relationship: By receiving a Video Visit, you are entering into a provider/patient relationship with the physician or provider rendering care to you. If you wish to share any information with your primary care physician or other health care provider, you have the right to access and request copies of your medical records, as allowed under applicable law.

Follow-Up Care: When engaging in a Video Visit, you are receiving medical services from a physician at Rush. If you require follow-up care, your physician may recommend other practitioners or affiliated facilities, which are known to your physician and which offer the advantage of continuity of care. However, you are the ultimate decision-maker when it comes to your care. Rush does not undertake any obligation to determine whether and to what extent any follow-up care furnished at a Rush facility may be covered by your insurance.

Consent for Care via Video Visits: When engaging in a Video Visit, you acknowledge that there are potential risks and no results can be guaranteed or assured. These risks include, but are not limited to: technical problems with the information transmission, equipment failures that could result in lost information or delays in treatment, and in very rare instances, breaches of privacy or personal medical information could occur despite security measures taken.

Financial Obligation: When engaging in a Video Visit, you agree to pay any costs associated and referenced within the respective Video Visit platform.


Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates afford the same degree of confidentiality to health information stored in MyChart as is given to health information stored by Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates in any other medium. Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates are committed to protecting the confidentiality of this health information. Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates limit employees' access and ability to enter or view information based upon their role in your care. Firewalls, passwords, encryption, and audit trails are further used to safeguard your information. Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates shall identify the records released and note the time and date of access each time the patient or the proxy accesses MyChart for internal auditing. Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates have taken steps to make all information received from our online visitors as secure as possible against unauthorized access and use.

For other than general information viewing, MyChart must be accessed with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) compatible browser or terminal (such as Netscape or Internet Explorer versions 3.0 or greater). Our SSL Web server uses authentication and offers the highest level of encryption technology commercially available (128-bit RC4).

You can tell when you are secure by looking at the location (URL) field. If the URL begins with https:// (instead of http://), the document comes from a secure server. This means your data cannot be read or deciphered by unauthorized individuals. You can tell whether you are truly connected to Rush MyChart by viewing the digital certificate. This certificate verifies the connection between Rush server's public key and the server's identification.

Usernames and passwords provide two layers of authentication and are stored in an encrypted database that is isolated from the Internet

X. Additional Terms

Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates shall not be liable for any damages suffered by you or other third parties related to, directly or indirectly, the information, material or content in MyChart. In no circumstances will Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates be liable to you or any other person for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any type, even if informed of the possibility of such damages. Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates cannot guarantee access to the MyChart system and is not liable for your inability to access or view information contained in MyChart. By downloading or viewing the information on MyChart, you agree to hold Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates harmless and indemnify it against any damages or claims asserted against Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates arising out of, or in any way connected with, your utilization of MyChart or the information, material or content contained therein.

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois. This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter contained herein and shall not be modified or amended except by signed written instrument. The terms and conditions of user access to MyChart may be changed at any time in the discretion of Rush, Rush Copley and their affiliates and updated terms will be posted on the MyChart website for purposes of dissemination to users.